The TRU Zip™ Difference

In today's day and age, there seems to be plenty of "waterproof" bag options out there. I'm sure you even own a "waterproof" or "splash proof" bag but the fact of the matter is, a lot of these bags are only water resistant.  Booe bags are 100% waterproof, dustproof, submersible, and airtight thanks to our one-of-a-kind TRU Zip™ waterproof zipper.  Not to mention they float!

Why TRU Zip™?

What makes it so different from the rest? Well, the patented TRU Zip™ design is the first sliding, silent, toothless, and TRUly (ha, get it) waterproof zipper system on the market.  It’s constructed into a fully-closed assembly with an overmolded garage on one end and an overmolded stop on the other.  The zipper is then RF (radio frequency or high frequency) welded into our TPU coated fabric.  This welding process fuses the materials together making it completely airtight.  Combined with the extruded zipper rails that use both mechanical and vacuum forces to create a powerful seal, nothing will get in or out! 



IP67 Rated

TRU Zip™ is IP67 rated which mean complete protection again dust and submersion protection in water up to 3 meters for 30 minutes.


The extruded zipper rails offer a toothless design that allows the slider to glide smoothly and secures into an overmolded garage.

Made in USA

TRU Zip™ waterproof zippers are manufactured by our innovative team here in the United States. So, every Booe bag you buy helps to support and create more jobs!


vs Rolltops

  • Clumsy having to roll and unroll the top every time you want to get into the bag
  • A lot of excess material due to large top opening design
  • Hard to organize
  • Hard to see inside and find what you’re looking for
  • Can be difficult to reach the bottom depending on the size of the bag
  • Top access only

vs Tooth Zippers

  • The teeth on these zippers are aggressive and rough on your hands when reaching in or out of the bag
  • Not all are fully waterproof
  • Can be quite noisy when opening and closing

vs Taped Zippers

  • Water resistant and unreliable – not fully waterproof
  • The edges of the polyurethane coating can be easily pulled or pinched open allowing water through


Who knew zippers could be so exciting, right?!  Next time you’re shopping for the best waterproof bag online, be sure to do your homework.  Whether you're looking for a rainproof backpack, a waterproof clothes bag, a waterproof fanny pack, or any other type of drybag  - verify it’s using 100% waterproof tech and not just water resistant.  If you want to have your mind absolutely blown, simply buy one of our waterproof belt bags, pouches, or backpacks!  We aren't lying when we say these TRU Zip™ waterproof zippers are unlike anything else on the market!