About Us

Booe is a collection of truly waterproof bags engineered with new TRU® Zip waterproof zippers.  These bags are 100% waterproof, submersible, airtight, and they float!  We designed them to work individually on their own or together as a system for worry free travel in any wet environment.  From boat to beach to city streets, keep your things safe, dry, and protected from the elements.

Meet Our Founder - Dan Martinson

Almost 10 years ago I released my first product, the Gear Tie Reusable Rubber Twist Tie, which is now sold by leading retailers all over the world! I’ve been working on a new product with my business partners since September 2012 called the TRU® Zip Waterproof Zipper which we also manufacture here in Minnesota. TRU® Zip was officially released to the market in winter 2019 and won several awards including Outdoor Retailer’s Best in Show!

TRU® Zip is what inspired me to create the Booe line of waterproof bags. Looking around at what I could find for use in the water with different kinds of bags, you'd find a real fashionable bag that wasn't truly waterproof. It had these zippers that said they were water resistant but they're truly not submersible... TRU Zip™ is the gamechanger for that.

We successfully funded our first bag, the Hybrid 20 Waterproof Backpack, on Kickstarter and continue to develop new bags. We would love for you to share Booe with anyone you think may find it useful. We really appreciate your support!