MSRP $199.99

From boat to beach to city streets

Keep your things safe, dry, and protected from the elements.


Complete protection against dust and submersible in water up to 1 meter (or 3.3 feet) for up to 30 minutes.

TRU Zip™ Waterproof Zippers

A NEW revolution in zipper technology! The patented TRU Zip™ design is the first silent, sliding, toothless, and TRUly waterproof zipper system on the market. This complete zipper system introduces a fully-closed assembly that can be RF welded in applications that were never possible before. With an intuitive pull-to-close design that secures into an overmolded garage, TRU Zip™ offers a confident closure you can feel.

"TRU-Zip is the best innovation I’ve found in the entire outdoor industry in at least the past 5 years."

“TRU Zip technology represents the industry’s first toothless, waterproof zipper. Using the same extrusion methods behind [Nite Ize] Gear Ties, the TRU Zip is airtight, resists snagging your gear, and repairs itself.”

"When the “TRU Zip” head docks into the depression at the far end, the soft bag is absolutely airtight: putting a solid hundred pounds of force on the top didn’t produce so much as a squeak.”

“[TRU ZIP] is completely waterproof — not just water-resistant, as many zippers billed as “waterproof” are — and doesn’t use the teeth that have defined what we think of as zippers for the last 125 years.”

"Both the mechanical action of the locking rails and a vacuum effect created when the zipper closes keeps these suckers sealed."