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Care + Maintenance

Cleaning, Maintenance + Storage Instructions


When using your Booe bag in salt water and other dirty environments, please make sure you wash your bag and TRU® Zip waterproof zippers with fresh water to remove any contaminants. These contaminants can cause the zipper to slow down making the zipper more difficult to open/close and properly seal.

Step 1

Hand wash with fresh water and use dish soap if necessary to help scrub off any contaminants on the fabric and zipper.

Step 2

Use a cleansing wipe to physically remove contaminants from the zipper and garage. Common face wipes are the most effective way to return your zipper to full working order.


Included with every Booe bag is a care + maintenance pack that includes a few Lube Dry™ Cleaning & Lubricating Wipes. Use these occasionally to provide a lubricated surface on the zipper. If you don't have any Lube Dry™ wipes available, you can lubricate your zipper and garage with other products such as silicone spray, chapstick, cooking oil, WD40, and any type of zipper lubricant. Just spray on a clean towel and wipe generously. You will notice a difference.
TRU Zip Maintenance - Clean/Lubricate

Step 1

Lubricate zipper after cleaning, before prolonged storage, or to improve zipper performance.

TRU Zip Maintenance - Cycle Zipper

Step 2

Distribute liquid zipper lubricant along all zipper surfaces, then slide or cycle the zipper multiple times.

TRU Zip Maintenance - Wipe Dry

Step 3

Wipe away any excess lubricant with a clean dry cloth.


Remember… this isn’t an ordinary zipper. When your Booe bag is not in use, we recommend that you store the zipper in the closed position and don't fold or crease it.
TRU Zip - Store Closed

Step 1

Rinse, dry, and completely close the zipper into the garage.

TRU Zip - Store Flat

Step 2

Store the bag flat or in its original shape. Do not fold or kink the zipper.