FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

When will your new 2022 collection be available?

Our limited early release starts June 1. Unfortunately, current supply chain issues are delaying the arrival of our inventory so we flew in a smaller shipment for an early release.


How do I clean my zipper?

Hand wash your bag with fresh water and use dish soap if necessary to help scrub off any contaminants. Use a cleansing wipe to physically remove contaminants from the zipper and garage. Common face wipes are the most effective way to return your zipper to full working order. Included with every Booe bag is a care + maintenance pack that includes a few Lube Dry™ Cleaning & Lubricating Wipes. Use these occasionally to provide a lubricated surface on the zipper.


Are all of your bags submersible?

Yes! All of our bags are constructed with watertight welded seams combined with TRU® Zip Technology making them fully submersible.


What does IP67 mean?

The IP code (Ingress Protection) consists of the letters "IP" followed by 2 digits. The first digit (6) indicates complete protection against dust and the second digit (7) indicates submersion protection in water at 1 meter (or 3.3 feet) for up to 30 minutes.


Can I go snorkeling with a Booe bag longer than 30 minutes?

Yes! The IP67 rating is measured at 1 meter underwater for 30 mintues. There is less pressure applied to the bag closer to the surface vs more pressure the deeper you go. If you plan to use it snorkeling closer to the surface level, it will hold up fine for hours in the water. We’ve successfully field tested these ourselves and heard great feedback from several of our customers who have used it specifically for snorkeling!


Will my bag get dirty?

All of our bags use a waterproof fabric that has a TPU coating on both sides allowing for an easy clean. If a simple wash doesn't get everything, all you need is a little hand soap with water to gently scrub off what's left.


How do you pronounce Booe?

Booē was derived from a phonetic spelling of the word "buoy". Just like a buoy floats on the water, so do our bags!